The Humble New Zealand Hot Cross Bun

A partnership made in fruit and spices has so far seen more than 3000 hot cross buns with their own cult following sent all over New Zealand, with hundreds more set to be delivered this Easter from people who can’t be with their loved ones over the holiday weekend.

Angel Delivery has been sending Wellington’s Arobake hot cross buns as part of its Easter gifting range for 10 years and says people can’t get enough of the freshly made buns.

Angel Delivery General Manager, Grace Kreft says the company has the buns especially made.

“There are lots of amazing hot cross bun bakers out there but we always have ours made for us by Arobake. Full of natural spices and handmade with love, they’re delicious and people just love them, and love receiving them freshly baked, right on the doorstep,” said Kreft.

Angel Delivery is the only business of its kind in NZ delivering hundreds of fresh hot cross buns as gifts of care between people every Easter, something Kreft says they work hard to make happen.

Kreft said that the best type of hot cross buns is those that are baked fresh and delivered quickly.

“We also include fresh top quality butter with our buns, which adds a layer of complication as butter is a chilled product, but we’ve got it down to a fine art and the buns and butter arrive on the doorstep fresh and ready to toast,” said Kreft.

Angel Delivery founder Rebecca Cass said they launched the new Hot Cross Bun Box after seeing increasing customer demand each Easter.

“We have seen more and more people, especially over recent years, looking for a way to express caring at Easter when they can’t be with someone in person,” said Cass. 

“We developed this option which includes Lewis Road Creamery butter and Bonne Maman jam, along with a ‘restful’ tea tin, to make for the perfect Easter afternoon tea experience that people can gift”

Angel Delivery’s range has also been expanded this year to include ‘A Little Easter Moment’ which is part of their new Little Moments range, a variety of offerings priced as accessibly as possible to make sending gifts of care easier, despite difficult economic conditions. The company also supports local businesses as much as it can.

“This year, we’re expecting we’ll order 75 percent more hot cross buns than last year, and it’s a great feeling to be able to continue to come back to Arobake for our thousands of hot cross buns, it’s just another way we support local suppliers and do our bit for ‘love local’,” said Kreft.

Angel Delivery is based in Wellington and works with local suppliers like Arobake to create and deliver fresh and delicious gourmet meals and food packages around New Zealand. Since 2008, they have delivered nourishing meals to over half a million people.