Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: An Introductory Guide

I don’t particularly enjoy doctors. Impatiently stuck in the waiting room next to a litter of folks who stand to contaminate you with something much worse than the back pain that brought you there in the first place. At this point it’s become quite obvious that I’m wasting my time, because I’m probably going to be given a Panadol or something along those lines and that’s how modern medicine is robbing us blind these days. Truthfully, most of the minor ailments we encounter throughout our lives are a reaction to stress.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: An Introductory Guide is literally a breath of fresh air and the most appropriate response to western medicine’s shortcomings. This elegantly designed book features more than 60 essential oils and over 300 recipes that will have you feeling more relaxed than a sloth on morphine. I haven’t yet found a single problem that isn’t addressed: from Floor Cleaner (page 225) to Testicle Inflammation (page 183), there is a combination of oils for everything. Essential Oils is also a highly educational book, with insights into techniques for massage, acupressure, inhalation, and more. For anyone tired of toxic chemicals and expensive medical bills, Essential Oils is definitely worth a look.