What the heck Pitch Perfect 2

I flipping loved Pitch Perfect. The original. It was so refreshing and just funny. Pitch Perfect 2.. I mean… I went to the bathroom in the middle of the movie and didn’t miss anything. I was even considering buying food. 05d6fb2a-272f-4d11-8084-64dfb0f62229Come on! What the heck guys. That wasn’t good. It was good enough to watch with your friends, but it’s definitely not on my replay list. That’s one Wednesday afternoon I’m not getting back. I would give it a 6/10. Let’s just say I’m not going to save a space on my MySky for this.

Did anyone else notice this? There was the loosest plot line, but nothing ground breaking. Buster and Fat Amy get together, duh. The German team sucked, the Bella’s sucked. They did an original song by the new chick that wouldn’t shut up about her original song. Becka needed help making an original song – oh maybe that new girl could help?? Also what was up with that camp? If anything it was just a filler.

BUT the whole movie was saved when I saw Reggie Watts! The first time I saw Reggie Watts live was at a Tumblr party in New York and by god he was glorious. So naturally I was like “Yes! This is going to be great!” Nope. Big fat Nope.

Pitch Perfect 1 had some great one liners and maybe they should’ve just left it alone. #CrushedIt?