Mums are special lasses. They do your washing. Feed you. Clothe you. They pushed you out of their damn uterus. Lucky enough for them we provide a WHOLE day a year to celebrate this good deed. Some kids even took the liberty to encase their provider in the form of art. They painted their mothers, basically.

Behold below, an incomplete list of some seriously doting kids who painted their mums…

ANDY WARHOL, JULY WARHOL (1974)11128418_10205659222292347_1826600062_n

LUCIEN FREUD, THE PAINTER’S MOTHER RESTING (1976)11245315_10205659222452351_798636896_n

TRACEY EMIN, MUM SMOKING (1994)11251687_10205659222332348_543898875_n

REMBRANT, THE ARTISTS MOTHER (1629)11235095_10205659222132343_1963551486_o

PAUL CÉZANNE, THE ARTIST’S MOTHER (1867) 11095088_10205659222572354_1925082018_o

JAMES WHISTLER, WHISTLER’S MOTHER (1871)11199002_10205659222092342_1035390435_n

VINCENT VAN GOGH, PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST’S MOTHER (1888)11207905_10205659222492352_1438379724_o

PABLO PICASSO,PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST’S MOTHER (1896)11235095_10205659222412350_461032747_o

MARC CHAGALL, MOTHER BY THE OVEN (1914)11204659_10205659222532353_2101282547_o

DAPHNE TODD, Now this one is creepy. Todd here painted her mother shortly after the 100 year old died. Devotional? Or just weird.11210203_10205659222012340_1271520994_n

So the question remains.  What are you going to do for your mum this Sunday?

– Elise Hislop