Go Sustainable Swimming This Summer

These days, it’s all about being sustainable and that also includes what we wear. Swimwear has always been essential for a kiwi Summer and we’ve got a few sustainable swimwear labels for you to feel your best physically and environmentally.

Cinnamon Swan 

Cinnamon Swan uses fabric made from recycled plastic bottles with offcuts from the production process, then upcycled into matching accessories in New Zealand. The brand is perfect for the ethically conscious consumer who still has a passion for fine design and individuality.

AURAI Swimwear

AURAI understands that it takes small visionaries and independently owned brands to blaze the trail of sustainable and responsible fashion. Since its beginning, AURAI has worked to raise the importance of better practices in fashion, supporting craftsmanship, fair-trade businesses and local sourcing of materials.


Saltysea is a brand soaked in collaboration and community. They pride themselves on creating socially conscious and ethically made collections designed for the modern, multi-tasked human who respects sustainability and the positive impact we have on the planet.


Kowtow is a well-known New Zealand label not only offering sustainable swimwear options for New Zealanders, but also well-made clothing for every day wear.

They are engaged with a slow production chain, where their collections take 18 months from design to delivery. This ensures workers rights and environmental protection are maintained. Further, the brand supports fair wages, no child labour, workers rights, gender equality and grower community.


Nisa is the ethical option for your body. Nisa is an underwear label and social enterprise that employs women from refugee and migrant backgrounds in their Wellington studio. Now, branching out to swimwear pieces, you can find colourful and flattering pieces to suit your summer needs.