Kiwi production is ramping up!  Kiwi can be saved from extinction by boosting numbers of chicks hatched from the wild and releasing them into predator free habitats.

With the help of funds raised during Save Kiwi Month, we can stop the decline of kiwi by increasing management of breeding and predator control.

The Great Kiwi Morning Tea returns on Friday 27 October to raise funds to support kiwi conservation projects across the country.

You can do your bit to help our precious kiwi. Just get together with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or complete strangers and hold a Kiwi morning tea and ask your guests to make a donation.

Just $100 is enough to save one kiwi by controlling predators across its habitat for an entire year.

While the official day is Friday 27th October, you can hold your event any time during Save Kiwi Month.

Five things to do during Save Kiwi Month:

  1. Hold a Great Kiwi Morning Tea
  2. Make your patch predator free: Trap a rat – or a possum, stoat, weasel, feral cat
  3. Volunteer at one of the existing kiwi projects near you
  4. Have your dog kiwi-aversion trained (it’s quick and easy)
  5. Buy one of Kat Merewether’s  “Kuwi the kiwi” books for the children in your life as a portion  from every Kuwi book or product sold goes towards kiwi conservation

Visit to find out more about Save Kiwi Month and click on the Great Kiwi Morning Tea icon to register for your morning tea.