GUTEN TAG! Why Cologne should be on your bucket list

I have run off to Germany this Oktober! I am currently in Cologne and it’s so beautiful and slightly chilly right now. Cologne is famous for being Germany’s party central. With a lot ~and I mean A LOT~ of men. Okay so I admit I thought Oktoberfest was in October, but it’s actually in mid-September. WHO KNEW HUH. Why not call it Septkmbkerfest? But that didn’t stop me from getting into das season!

Now if you like making a fool of yourself like me or just a general goof ball, there is a giant two story costume store in the middle of the small town with rows and rows of classic German dirndls (Girls beer maid dress – see mine above) and lederhosens (boys). This magical place has all kinds of levels of quality – whether you want to fork out over 100 euro for a good one or 40 euro for a cheap one off fun halloween costume. Mine was 79 euro for the dress and 29 euro for the under white blouse, which surprisingly is separate with many mix & match options! Honestly I can’t even wear a bra with it because it pushes the girls so high up.

To complete the look, I went and bought the biggest stein I could find but didn’t think how heavy it would be when you fill it with beer. KEEP THIS IN MIND when you are buying a stein, they are flipping heavy. Now go run down the street with your new giant stein in your beautiful dirndl singing Danke Schoen. See below for inspiration.

ALSO check out my German phrases so far:

  1. Ich bin eine frau. (I’m a woman)
  2. Wo das bier tho? (Where the beer tho?)
  3. Was ist gud [Miley]? (What’s good?)
  4. Sprechen sie Englisch? (Do you speak English?)
  5.  Guten Morgen! (Good morning!)
  6. Danke Schoen (Thank you very much)

I’m staying on the river, literally. I’m at a HotelShip called Amedeus Princess, it’s small but very cute with beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the river (see my snapchat every morning @caitlanmitchell) AND breakfast is included – sweet as. As soon as you get off the boat, the entire waterfront is a long line of restaurants and bars – think southern France Van Gogh paintings but German. Also behind said restaurants and bars – is this HUGE cathedral. It’s massive, it’s jaw-dropping. Definitely the biggest building I have ever seen.

These German waffles are to die for. I get up super early because no one is up then and wander down to this waffle house called “Don Gelati Eiscafe”. I have gone there four days in a row, getting different kinds of waffles. My favourite so far is this one – Nutella, Banana and Strawberries.

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