Helping Kiwis Stay Safe and Warm this Winter

In a bid to help make Kiwi homes warmer and safer this winter, The Warehouse is doing a free heater swap for the next three weeks.

From June 13 to July 3, The Warehouse will run its first Healthy Heater Swap in 30 stores, where people can trade in their LPG gas heater for an electric option at no charge.

According to a new report commissioned by The Warehouse, 64 percent of New Zealanders were living with one or more of the following: presence of mould, poor or no insulation, gaps in floorboards, walls, windows, or no heating in the main living area or bedroom. Almost all had been affected by cost-of-living increases, and 71 percent were having to cut back to afford heating this winter.

The Warehouse Group sustainability lead David Benattar said indoor LPG gas heaters had damaging respiratory effects because they emit a “significant amount” of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, pollutants that can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions.

“The heaters also release moisture and can be expensive to run, making them unhealthy for Kiwis and the environment, and is the reason why experts are calling for the switch to electric heating,” he said.

Associate health minister Dr Ayesha Verrall said the dangers of indoor LPG gas heaters were relatively unknown to many people, especially the effect they could have on indoor air quality.

There are about 96,570 unflued gas heaters being used in homes across Aotearoa.

About 1800 11-fin electric heaters are being made available for swapping. The Warehouse is also donating an additional 2000 heaters to charity.

All indoor unflued LPG gas heaters will be accepted as part of the swap and will then be recycled.