Easter Weekend is coming in hot and heavy, but luckily for all you binge watchers out there, Netflix has released its April line up. Here’s what’s coming to everyone’s favourite the streaming service this April:

Netflix Original, Lost In Space makes its debut. Following the highly trained Robinson Family as they are sent on a mission to establish a new colony in space. However, danger finds them when a collision sends their rocket cascading off course, forcing them to crash land on an unknown planet.


The Joe McHale Show with Joe McHale begins April 1. The series is set to air weekly and will feature celebrity guests, comedy sketches and crazy videos from all corners of the internet.


Premiering April 6 is the Netflix film, 6 Balloons. The movie occurs over one night as a woman tries to find a detox centre for her heroin-addicted brother with his daughter in tow.


Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments returns for season 3 on April 4. The characters will face more evil this season as they deal with bringing a beloved character back from the dead.


Foodies rejoice as Chef’s Table makes its return, this time exploring the minds of the worlds most renowned Pastry chefs. Chef’s Table: Pastry is sure to make you salivate as you watch mouth-watering concoctions being plated to perfection.


Sci-Fi thriller, Interstellar comes to Netflix on April 5. The mind-blowing drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway is set in the future as food shortages force the human race to search for new planets to call home.