I Finished Netflix NZ’s Top Trending Series In Three Days

I came across “Warrior Nun” when I finished rewatching another Netflix series (yes, I like to rewatch series). I thought to myself, “Warrior Nun? Must be another teen series with a bad concept” as the trailer auto-plays on my screen.

However, I believe that you should never judge a book (or in this case, a Netflix Series) by its cover.

The more I got stuck into the series, the more I realised… I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was at the last episode – shook to my core. The ending was the ultimate cliff hanger and someone please tell me there’s a season two.

The story begins with the death of Ava, a paralysed teenager who grew up at a Catholic orphanage.

The OCS (The Order of the Cruciform Sword), a group of female warriors and nuns who fight alongside the Warrior Nun, was under attack. The leader of The OCS, Sister Shannon (who has a powerful halo) was severely injured during the attack. Sister Shannon knew her time was up and ordered her team to take the halo off her for the next Warrior Nun.

One of the members took the halo and ran into a separate room where she found Ava’s body. She then left the halo with Ava for safekeeping as she returned to help the rest of her team.

Little did she know, the power of the halo brought Ava back to life.

With this newfound “superpower”, Ava had no idea how to control it. As the story progresses, Ava had a taste of witnessing the powerful demons and later became a part of The OCS to fight the evil. Ava progresses throughout the series, from a girl who runs away from her responsibilities to a team leader and a team player that takes action to do what is right.

Ten episodes in, I realised that yes – fighting nuns are totally cool and makes a great story. With an abundance of twists, turns and character progression (we love), this show is perfect for those who love fantasy crossed with drama.