INCOMING! Rocket League launches all new Heatseeker mode

Rocket league seems to have been inspired by an episode of Top Gear when they decided to play soccer with cars. Only they strapped rockets on the back of the cars making this fun filled game chock-a-block with aerial arts, flipping flyers, and searing strikes. With sides varying in numbers between 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or the absolutely chaotic 4v4. The game has found a fantastic way to give gameplay a smooth fast paced gameplay by limiting the number of players at once. Surprisingly, Rocket League has continued to be one of the most slept on MMO games out right now.

This skill-based game gives no advantage to any players, no pay to wins, and has also been successful in finding some fantastic ways to inject fun and joy into the game with fresh and exciting game modes. The most recent being the limited edition mode Heatseeker – a pong like version of tennis but the ball is instantly drawn to the goal. It’s intense, it’s crazy, it’s a lot of fun. Might want to warn your neighbours in advance, because you will be screaming at the monitor in excitement more than once.