As we are all cooking at home, its good to get some inspiration to make our home creations special.

On offer is a wide range of artisan foods to inspire you and make your creations extra special. This is a good time to try some new foods or even just have a few treats. Food is a great way to show and share the love, and it really does feed the soul as well as the belly.

So check out the food and beverages made here in Aotearoa, with passion by talented artisans.  From chilli sauces to chocolates. Feijoas and fruit pastes. Sweet treats to salts. Vanilla to vinegars and verjus.  Preserves and peanut butters, cookies and crackers. And of course, the fabulous olive oils.

Kai is an essential business selling products from our artisanal producers while complying with NZ food regulations.

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