100 percent Kiwi owned company Karma Drinks are open for business, proving that an organisation built on ethics has the strongest of foundations.

With their values at the heart of every action, Karma Drinks are well equipped to deal with any obstacle thrown their way, and encourage Kiwi consumers to continue supporting local businesses.

Karma Drinks believes that what you drink should not only taste good, but it should be good for the land, good for the people who grow their ingredients, and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. That’s why 1 percent of revenue from every bottle sold goes back to the Karma Foundation in Sierra Leone, so that with your help, they can do more good.

Boasting an ever-increasing range, from the classic household favourites; Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemonade, Gingerella, Summer Orangeade, Lemmy Lime and Bitters, to the apple cider vinegar based Switchels, and now the latest addition to the family, Karma Kombucha, available in four feel-good flavours.

Using only the best natural and organic ingredients with no GMO’s, artificial flavours or preservatives, you can rely on Karma Drinks to continue producing drinks that are great tasting, great looking and do-gooding.

You can shop their range at www.karmacola.co.nz or contact james@karmacola.co.nz for sales enquires.