LEGOLAND HOTEL is open for business

And of course everything is featured in legos and lego colours. Which is…AWESOME. Featuring rooms in themes of Pirate, Adventure (that’s pretty broad, jungle looking maybe?) and Lego Friends. It is only in Florida and it’s finally open and ready for you!

LEGOLAND Hotel-ResizeIt appears to have been built with actual lego pieces but that might be a bit too far fetched. Probably just a design feature, but hey I’m not trying to burst your bubble here – just saying. The dragon at the front entrance even blows steam out of its nose.

There are 152 rooms, each sleeps up to 5 people and is even separated into adult and kids areas AND of course has lego for your kids (or you) to play with.

BONUS*** Every guest has exclusive access to the Master Builder Lego workshop and there are treasure chests in the room that can -of course- only be opened by completing the hotel’s scavenger hunt!