TOP 10 Changes To The Food Pyramid since 2000

The last time Nutrition Australia changed their Food pyramid was in 2000. 15 years later they have FINALLY agreed on the new update. From the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines they conjured up the new pyramid which is the developed approach (well you would hope it was developed as it has been 15 years) in response to all these crazy-ass diets. Have a look for yourself here…
healthy-eating-pyramidTOP 10 CHANGES:
1. The most obvious is that the pyramid went from 3 sections to 6! Giving everyone a much clearer indication of what their dietary needs are or should be.
2. Greens. So. Much. Green. You got your pak choi, green beans, broccoli, basil, rosemary, lettuce and more!
3. Veggies get priority over breads and cereals! Take that Captain Crunch!
4. You never thought the word “good” would ever be put next to “fat”…yet there it is. SHOCKING. Good fats that are actually good for you. Previously had margarine and other reduced-fat spreads as a “Sometimes” food section, now is filled with healthy fats like olive oil and almonds. Yes. (Also they booted margarine altogether.)
5. AVOCADOS. YES. YES. YES. They are -thank god- included in the “Eat Most” section. Want your avo/toast every day? You go girl!
6. ZERO allowance for ‘Added Sugars’. Sayonara!
7. A truck load more of nutrient-dense whole grains like cous cous, soba noodles, oats and quinoa have been added!
8. No junk food. At all. None. 90’s babies might have some trouble letting this one go. I know I am.
9. Spices and herbs are a happy new addition and are settling quite well.
10. Veggie focus. As you can see vegetables hog 3/4 of the bottom level, leaving Fruit as second in command. Fruit is still good, but eat your veggies first, kids.