Let Your Zodiac Sign Decide Your Next Holiday Destination

Now that travel bubbles are slowly opening up, going overseas seems to be getting more realistic. It’s finally time to sit down, pull out the drawing board and start planning for the next getaway! To stir things up even more, instead of googling where to go next, why not let your zodiac sign decide? Booking.com has the insights based on their research and data to select destinations that real travellers recommend the most and then matched it with the typical characteristics of each star sign.

Aquarius : Bac Ha, Vietnam

For Aquarius travellers, who are typically independent and easy-going, a trip to an “off the beaten track” destination might just satisfy their creative minds. Bac Ha, a sleepy district in northern Vietnam comes to life on Sundays, thanks to its famous colourful market. Every week Northwestern mountainous tribes come to the market, dressed in detailed handmade costumes, to sell handcrafted and traditional goods.

Recommended stay: Chô Family

Pisces: St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg has something special to offer for those with a passion for the arts, which is why this is a destination perfectly suited for artistic and imaginative Pisces, searching for enriching experiences. Its thriving arts and culture scene has firmly placed St Petersburg within Booking.com’s top 10 destinations endorsed for art. Pisces have so much to discover, including the magnificent Mariinsky Theatre which hosts opera and ballet, and art galleries that feature some of the finest collections in the world.

Recommended stay: The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel

Aries: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Driving in on the dirt roads of this unique town will set the scene for pioneering Aries. To satisfy their appetite for thrills, they’ll find things to do such as sandboarding and mountain biking in San Pedro de Atacama, which is currently one of Booking.com’s most recommended destinations in the world by travellers for adventure.

Recommended stay: Nayara Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa

Taurus: Orlando, Florida

Synonymous with family travel, Orlando is home to over a dozen theme parks, which is guaranteed to be a good time for kids and adults. This is the perfect destination for Taurus, who are most likely to enjoy the simple pleasures and cherish spending time with family, along with the 66 percent of global travellers who revealed they are excited to appreciate the simpler experiences when on their next vacation.

Recommended stay: Summerville Vacation Homes by Columbia Management

Gemini: London, UK

Considered one of the most diverse cities in the world, London’s vibrant city centre comes to life in the evening thanks to its eclectic food and drinks scene. This destination is an ideal match for outgoing and bubbly Geminis, as it is bursting with so many places to explore. London is also Booking.com’s top destination endorsed by travellers for restaurants, meaning there will be something for every taste.

Recommended stay: The One Tun Pub & Rooms

Cancer: Bangkok, Thailand

Cancerian visitors, whose main personality trait is being caring and friendly, will appreciate the welcoming personas of Thai people. Residents are so accommodating that according to travellers on Booking.com, Bangkok is highly endorsed for its friendly people. This multifaceted destination is also the perfect fusion, where tradition meets modernisation.

Recommended stay: Hostel Kinnon Deluxe Hostel Coworking Cafe


Leo: Cairns, Australia

For Leos, who are searching for travel experiences to match their courageous and brave personality, a trip to Cairns needs to be on top of their bucket list. Aside from its idyllic beaches and bustling backpacker scene, sky diving is what brings travellers from around the world to this part of the country. This exhilarating experience offers breath-taking sea views of the Great Barrier Reef, which surely plays a role in Cairns being one of the top endorsed destinations by travellers for skydiving on Booking.com. With the trans-Tasman bubble in action, this can be a reality for Kiwi Leos.

Recommended stay: Cairns Reef & Rainforest B&B

Virgo: Tokyo, Japan

Over the years, the capital of Japan has evolved into a sustainable city that’s leading by example when it comes to taking thoughtful measures that help minimise environmental impact and improve quality of life. Virgos, who are caring and compassionate, will be impressed by Tokyo’s drive to be more sustainable. So, it’s no surprise that the city is also Booking.com’s most endorsed destination for sustainable travel. Living up to its reputation, there is an abundance of great places to stay that have also implemented impactful sustainability practices.

Recommended stay: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Libra: Portofino, Italy

Libra is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, which simply means that they love to be in love. When searching for destinations that will sweep Libras off their feet, Portofino is a match made in heaven. This picture-perfect coastal village features brightly coloured buildings and luxurious yachts harboured in the port. A beautiful gem on Italy’s Amalfi coast which happens to be within the top five of Booking.com’s most endorsed destinations by travellers for a romantic break.

Recommended stay: Splendido, A Belmond Hotel

Scorpio: Berlin, Germany

If there’s one thing Scorpios have in common, it is that they are an ambitious bunch. When seeking out a destination to fuel their determination, Berlin’s combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise Scorpios. In recent years, aspiring creatives have relocated to Berlin due to the prospect of opportunities the city offers to its residents. The trendy city is currently Booking.com’s second most recommended destination by travellers for a city trip.

Recommended stay: Brilliant Apartments

Sagittarius: Lhasa, China

This is a city of true wonders and is known for being the centre of the Tibetan Buddhist world. Lhasa is a cultural hub in southwestern China and is a very magical and peaceful destination. Our Sagittarius travellers, who are known for their zest for life and learning new things, might find something special in Lhasa, one of Booking.com’s top endorsed destinations for culture.

Recommended stay: Tashitakge Hotel Lhasa

Capricorn: Queenstown, New Zealand

Capricorn is the most practical zodiac sign, but they are also known to be brave, which means an action-packed adventure might be very appealing for them to take on new challenges for their resilient personalities. Look no further than our own backyard, where Queenstown is hailed as the ‘adventure capital of the world’. Activities include mountain biking, paragliding and bungee jumping to get pulses racing.

Recommended stay: Kamana Lakehouse

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