Limited Edition Gaming Headset With Hidden Easter Eggs

There’s a new limited edition gaming headset from Logitech G where they’ve teamed up with Lucasfilm to create the A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition. It’s not just any headset, it’s a collector’s item that celebrates one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons out there!

This headset is designed for modern gamers and fans alike, with Logitech’s advanced pro-grade lightspeed wireless technology, Bluetooth, and 3.5 mm aux connectivity, so you can use it on your Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

The A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition combines style and comfort, with custom audio mixing to help you master every play style in the galaxy. It features cushy memory foam padding in the earpads and headband with a just-right clamping force, so it’s easy to wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Plus, the removable magnetic ear cushions offer full customisation opportunities.

What’s really cool about this special edition headset is that it’s inspired by the legendary aesthetic of The Mandalorian franchise, with Beskar steel-inspired colorways and custom speaker tags featuring the profile of Din Djarin (aka the Mandalorian) on the left speaker tag and a Clan Mudhorn signet on the right speaker tag. There are even concealed easter eggs inspired by the show on the headset, so keep an eye out for those!

There is also an advanced detachable boom microphone and an integrated mic for crystal clear voice quality. The high-quality 40 mm audio drivers deliver big booms and an immersive experience, while the Logitech G mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to customise your EQ and more.

Finally, the battery life on this thing is insane – more than 27 hours! You’ll have wireless freedom across platforms for days. So, what are you waiting for?