There’s nothing better on a Wednesday night than hitting the McDonalds drive-through for a McFlurry to satisfy that sweet craving. But alas McDonald’s have stepped up there game with the launch of an Apple Pie McFlurry.

In what could arguably the greatest collaboration yet, the fast food giant has teamed up with themselves to combine there delicious hot apple pie and soft serve McFlurry sundae.

In a statement released from the chain, McDonald’s said that “one in four people who order an Apple Pie on Uber Eats also order a Sundae, so they decided to launch a hybrid of the two desserts to save customers from having to “hack” the menu with their own inventions.”

The McFlurry features a caramel sauce drizzled over soft serve ice cream and is dotted with pieces of hot apple pie. The apple pie McFlurry is currently available from purchase in Australia.

Fingers crossed it heads our way.