Magnum Goes Vegan

two magnum ice cream, classic flavour and almond flavour

International star of the ice cream scene Magnum has developed plant-based versions of its much-loved treat.

Two new vegan flavours of the weirdly sexy ice cream brand are launching this month in Sweden and Finland. Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond are made with a pea-protein base and smooth vegan chocolate. The European Vegetarian Union approves the product as suitable for vegans.

Magnum is working to improve its sustainability, and the new ice cream flavours are part of this. The Magnum Dark Intense ice cream is made with 70 percent cocoa sourced from sustainably grown Rainforest Alliance cocoa beans. The vegan ice creams will also be Rainforest Alliance certified.

Magnum isn’t the first ice cream brand to cater to vegans. Ben&Jerry’s and Halo Top are major ice cream brands that have been creating dairy-free ranges for some time. However, Magnum is possibly the largest ice cream company ever to launch a vegan product.

It’s unlikely the ice creams will stay in Scandinavia – Ben&Jerry’s options have proved popular across Asia, Australia, and the UK as well as its home base of the U.S..

We’re looking forward to the future of vegan ice cream. So long, soy-based icicles – the future is here!