Milk on the Mind

Nespresso for milk range

Kiwis love their flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes, and 82 percent have said to enjoy their coffee best with milk. It makes sense that a range of coffee specifically designed to push flavours through milk is a great way to enjoy the hot beverage.

Nespresso has announced two additions to its Barista Creations range for the innovative Vertuo at-home coffee system. Bianco Piccolo for Milk and Bianco Doppio for Milk join the existing Bianco Forte for Milk. 

Each blend is carefully crafted to create a bespoke roast with a rich texture that pushes through the milk and delivers an exceptionally smooth beverage with dairy, oat, soy or coconut. 

“Like the best baristas in the world, our Nespresso coffee experts have used our extensive knowledge of coffee and paired it with the understanding that our consumers who love coffee with milk are still looking for the great blend of bitterness, acidity, body, flavours and aromas in their cup, all of which can be found in the Barista Creations for Milk range,” said Jamie Conger, Nespresso New Zealand Coffee Ambassador, 

“The capsules have been created with Nespresso’s Coffee Experts’ careful choice of origins that have been blended and masterfully roasted to highlight the sweetness of the milk when added in the cup.”

Bianco Piccolo for Milk is a rich roasted coffee crafted specifically for a perfect pairing with creamy milk in a shorter cup. The blend of Arabicas has a medium roast to let the rich roasted notes sing in harmony in milky recipes. Bianco Piccolo is sweet and smooth, with a creamy texture and nutty cocoa notes. The coffee is intense yet well-rounded in taste and specifically designed to make cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites.

Bianco Doppio for Milk is a smooth and caramelly light-roast Arabica blend from Kenya, Colombia, and Nicaragua, crafted specifically for larger cappuccinos and flat whites. With milk, Bianco Doppio has a sweet biscuit and caramel profile, fruity and cereal notes, and a creamy texture.