Moccona Transforms for Sustainability

The iconic Moccona jar has transformed! 

For the first time, Moccona has invited the next generation of designers across ANZ with a passion for sustainability, to create designs to feature on a new decorative jar collection. The designs celebrate Moccona’s upcycle movement as part of its ongoing commitment to a sustainable coffee journey.

The six winning artworks feature on more than two million jars worldwide, highlighting important sustainability topics in a beautiful way to inspire people to take small steps towards creating a more sustainable world. 

Moccona will be donating AUD$100,000 to be shared across six sustainable causes, each related to one of the six winning jar designs. Customers can make a little difference by helping decide how much goes to each cause. Check out the designs, see the inspiration behind them and meet the talented young designers, finding out which cause they are supporting – then vote for your favourite at


Nicole Canuto – Auckland, New Zealand

Championing reusability and incorporating sustainable practices in daily lives

Nicole Canuto used her jar design to champion upcycling and reusability, and highlight  how we can incorporate sustainable practices into our  daily lives. 

Her design supports Planet Ark, who are focused on making positive environmental actions accessible to everyone, including opportunities for reuse, recycling and reducing waste. Planet Ark’s goal is to build a world where humans thrive in balance with nature.


Pedalling Forwards

Jemma Ortiger – Sydney, Australia

Encouraging sustainable transport

Jemma Ortiger’s design highlights how sustainable transport, especially cycling, can help keep us moving – without  costing the earth. 

Her design is supporting Dismantle, an award-winning youth charity that uses bike upcycling to engage disadvantaged young people. Recycling close to 1000 bikes a year, Dismantle’s mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty through hands-on skill building, supportive mentoring and employment pathways.


Our Whales Below

Kaitlyn Geltner – Tasmania, Australia

Protecting ocean species by reducing pollution in waterways and on beaches

Young designer Kaitlyn Geltner has a passion for the ocean, and her jar design was inspired by the way whales continually cycle nutrients in our oceans.

Her design supports ORRCA, who are committed to the rescue, research, conservation  and welfare of Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Dugongs in Australian Waters.


Protecting Friends 

Celine Groene – Sydney, Australia

Celebrating and protecting Australia’s biodiversity

Celine Groene’s design celebrates Australia’s biodiversity and the cockatoos she calls friends. She believes that these cockatoos, along with every living organism on  earth, deserve to be respected and protected.

Her design supports Wildlife Victoria, who has provided the Victorian community with a  wildlife Emergency Response Service for 35 years. Each year Wildlife Victoria and its dedicated volunteers respond to over 100,000 calls to help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. 


Small Actions 

Georgia Billman – Auckland, New Zealand

Highlighting how small actions can play a huge part in bringing about future change

Student designer Georgia Billman believes that small actions made now can play a huge part in bringing about  sustainable future change. The different elements of her design  represent the little actions we can all take to make a difference. 

Her design supports New Zealand’s largest food rescue venture, KiwiHarvest in reducing the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food to  those in need – helping to create lasting positive social change.


Bee the Change 

Sophie Williamson – Auckland, New Zealand

Spotlighting how pollinators play a  major role in our world’s ecosystems

The inspiration for Sophie Williamson’s design comes from the fact that bees, butterflies  and other pollinators play a major role in the world’s ecosystems – and are therefore  essential for a sustainable future. 

Her design supports Bees Up Top, who aim to increase bee populations by supplying healthy, happy hives to rooftop urban areas across NZ, whilst raising funding to re-home rescued bees and treat them for disease.


The new decorative jar collection will be stocked at all leading supermarkets, RRP$20.99. To find out more about Moccona’s Decorative Jars, or vote for your favourite jar and find upcycling inspiration, head to