The promo posters for the next series of ‘Black Mirror’ have appeared ahead of its June 5th release next week.

Three episodes will be released simultaneously, each a self-contained story exploring the impact technology has on the human condition.

One episode, ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’, stars Miley Cyrus as a pop star who releases a miniature robotic mascot that fans can install in their own homes and sing along with. This is Black Mirror, though, so we can expect that the consequences will be far from harmonious.

Another episode entitled ‘Smithereens’ stars ‘Sherlock’ actor Andrew Scott as a frustrated driver for a peer-to-peer ridesharing service, similar to Uber, Ola, or Zoomy. Scott’s character appears to lose his mind somewhat and take a passenger hostage.

The third episode of the series, ‘Striking Vipers’, involves a happy couple’s marital bliss being disrupted by an old friend introducing the husband to an insidious online dating app.

The series follows the genre-bending episode ‘Bandersnatch’, which allowed viewers to direct the character through a ‘choose your own adventure’-style journey.