New Pies for Summer

We trust the Roti Bros with the life of our pies, so when we tell you their kitchen has been cooking up something new, you can rely on it being a goodie. Summertime brings a wave of invention and collaborations, so you should definitely catch a ride.

Cassia Partnership

Then in partnership with Auckland’s contemporary Indian restaurant, Cassia, and its at-home range, there are two new pies you need to get your hands on. 

The Cassia Cauliflower Korma Roti Pie is made from Cassia’s Korma Curry Sauce. Authentically spiced with cashew meal, roasted cauliflower for just the right amount of smokiness and roasted almonds for an essential crunch. There are also chunks of Kumara to sweeten the whole experience. 

Cauliflower Korma Roti Pie

For double trouble, there is the Cassia Paneer Makhani Roti Pie. If you have tried Cassia’s Duck Makhani dish, you will understand what we mean. The pies use Cassia’s At Home Makhani sauce, with a Roti Bros twist and some green capsicum and red onion. 

Paneer Makhani Roti Pie

Get your hands on these tasty pies this summer.