The latest film from Oscar winner Diane Keaton is winning hearts across the globe for its portrayal of a group of retired women who start a cheerleading club. Keaton plays Martha, a retirement community resident who, along with her friend, decide to start a cheerleading team. The ladies ultimately decide to enter an 18 plus cheerleading competition which turns the heads of the participating teenagers.

‘Poms’ is a witty comedy that fights back against elderly stereotypes showcasing the young spirit in all of us. The ladies prove that you are never too young to dream as they fight for their right and ability to cheer. While this is a comedy (and a very funny one at that) Poms does address important issues. One part that is sure to resonate with audiences is a scene in which one of the group’s members is told by her son that “her money is not her own.” These meaningful scenes coexist perfectly with some solid one-liners and outrageous antics.

The film ultimately ends on a high with the ladies bringing the house down with a routine fit for the very best cheerleaders.