Pregnancy Skincare Tips You Need To Know

If you’ve ever experienced pregnancy before, you’ll know that it has the potential to wreak havoc on the skin, thanks to a host of different factors. Whilst some women are lucky enough to experience the infamous ‘pregnancy glow’, not all women are that lucky. As a baby develops in the womb, changes in hormone levels, the introduction of unfamiliar emotions combined with the significant physical changes to the body, make pregnancy one of the most significant transitions a woman is ever likely to experience.

With that comes some of the most prominent changes in a woman’s skin, from acne, fine lines, stretch marks, an increase in cellulite, dimples and loss of hydration leading to dry patches. What’s more is these skin complaints don’t just begin and end with the birth, with many babies also experiencing a myriad of skin conditions too. Lucy Macdougald, Dermal Specialist at Biologi breaks down some of the common skin complaints for new mums and their bubs.


As skin grows as a result of rapid weight gain, many women will notice changes in the skin in the form of stretch marks. Stretch marks occur due to the sudden stretching of the skin which causes tears in the middle layer of skin forming purple or silver-coloured stretch marks. Whilst these can fade over time, once established, there’s no guaranteed cure for stretch marks. The ideal solution is prevention over cure – try and avoid them altogether by keeping skin nourished and hydrated as it grows. We recommend applying a high-quality oil on the body daily such as Biologi’s Br Organic Rosehip Oil. Delivering a potent synergy of organic actives required for skin health, Br Rosehip harnesses the pure power of Rosa canina, promoting the skins internal hydration and protective processes to support healthy cellular turnover.


Unfortunately, ageing is inevitable for all of us and whilst pregnancy itself may not accelerate the ageing process, those who are pregnant may have to stop using their regular range of anti-ageing products. It’s important to be aware that while pregnant, you do need to avoid harsh ingredients that may not be considered safe to use during pregnancy. Instead, opt for natural plant extracts that are void of any synthetics and nasties.


Cellulite occurs when fat deposits grow through the connective tissue and display as bumps or dimples, generally appearing in the buttocks and thigh area. Pregnancy itself doesn’t necessarily directly cause cellulite, but weight gain can undoubtedly be a significant contributing factor. To avoid and work towards maintaining cellulite feed the body with nourishing food and look for the natural active ingredients that are known for their anti-glycation activity. Glycation is the process which causes collagen to become stiff and malformed so reversing this process helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples.


Cradle cap is a common condition that can last up to two years in babies. An excess of sebum production can leave a baby’s scalp with dry and flaky skin due to the fact that they’re no longer surrounded by protective fluids and are still adapting to exposure to air. In this instance we recommend a product that is delicate for sensitive newborn skin, yet powerful enough to hydrate delicate skin cells such as Biologi’s new Bf serum in 100ML which is safe for newborns and throughout pregnancy. Containing Ferulic Acid, it promotes the skin’s natural hydrating processes making it completely safe to use regularly on the delicate skin cells of a baby to treat cradle cap and dry patches.


Exposure to chemicals found in urine can cause a nappy rash that can be painful and sensitive for babies. To protect your baby’s delicate areas, barrier creams are recommended to stop the chemicals from penetrating the deeper layers and causing discomfort.  Unfortunately, these creams can also prevent the same chemicals from getting out and can block pores stopping them from breathing and disrupting the skin’s natural hydrating processes. Prevention is better than cure for nappy rash, however unfortunately common products designed to help the condition contain harsh chemicals which could cause sensitivity, leading to the condition. Biologi’s Bf serum is a serum that is safe to use every day to treat the full range of mother and baby skin conditions such as nappy rash. What’s more, it comes in a range of different sizes meaning you can have one you where ever you go.

Words by Lucy Macdougald – Biologi’s Global Managing Director and Dermal Specialist. Biologi are a clean cosmeceutical skincare brand who are the innovators of the only 100% active organic plant serums in the world. 

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