Red Bull Cliff Diving Returns for its 14th Season

Red Bull’s much awaited Cliff Diving Series is back this year. Divers from across the world started the season on the 3rd of June as they dove off the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, the first stop of six. 

Audiences were encouraged to arrive early and pick their best spots at this free public viewing event. Last year’s winners, Australian, Rhiannan Iflland and France’s Gary Hunt also returned to defend their titles.  

At each stop of the 2023 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, 12 women and 12 men compete to earn  maximum championship points in their quest for the glorious King Kahekili Trophy. 

Some new rules have been set this year with each diver being required to perform at least four various types of takeoffs in order to be rewarded. Also, a Best Dive Award has been introduced. 

From remote places to urban spots, the uniqueness of each dive site adds to the magic of this unparalleled sporting competition as it comes back for its 14th season. 

And what’s even more exciting is that this year’s final will be taking place at Wynyard Quarter, here, in Auckland on the 19th of November.