REVIEW | Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has done it again, breathing new life into their iconic Mario franchise with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a zesty blend of old and new that strikes a nostalgic yet innovative chord. Designed for the Nintendo Switch, this game is a gem that beckons players with its eclectic visuals and compelling gameplay.

What sets Wonder apart is its magnificent visuals, capturing the spirit of Mario games while offering something distinctly fresh. The diverse character lineup complements the vibrant sceneries, imbued with clever nuances that elevate the gameplay to the next level.

One of the game’s standout features is the introduction of “Wonder Seeds”—Mario-sized botanical orbs that transmogrify the levels into something extraordinary. Choose to engage with these seeds and you’ll find yourself amidst gravity-defying platforms or turning into whimsical creatures. These seeds offer an extra layer of excitement, with optional challenges that make the game accessible yet thrilling for both casual gamers and hardcore Mario fans.

The Wonder Seeds may dial up the difficulty, but the game is remarkably forgiving. Time limits are a thing of the past, and additional lives can be acquired with in-game currency. The introduction of a badge system further augments gameplay, allowing players to choose special abilities that can be rotated based on the challenges they face.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers the right amount of nostalgia coupled with innovation. It’s like your favourite childhood dish, but with a dash of exotic spices. The badge system revamps the classic Mario experience, giving players more room for strategy and expression.

But the true magic of this game lies in its ability to defy norms. In an ode to the explorative spirit of the original 1985 game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces groundbreaking features that allow players to interact with the levels in previously unimaginable ways.

The game isn’t just a solo quest; it shines equally in a party atmosphere. The cooperative multiplayer extends beyond your core group, letting you team up with friendly apparitions that make every play-through unique.

So, should I get it?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a marvelous concoction of the old and the new. It’s a love letter to fans of the franchise, and yet it beckons newcomers with its accessibility and sheer fun. In what has been a landmark year for Nintendo, this addition to the Mario universe stands out as a masterpiece, offering a delightful escape that will have you grinning from ear to ear for years to come. Whether you’re a long-time Mario aficionado or a newcomer to this world of whimsical adventure, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a must-play. So go ahead, add a dash of ‘Wonder’ to your gaming life.