Rosé to The Occasion With Leftfield This Spring

Where my beaches at? That’s right, spring is slowly sauntering into sight so it’s time to sip back, relax and savour the season alongside its soulmate – the ravishing rosé.

Nothing screams springtime like this variety of vino and Leftfield’s take strikes a seamless balance between bright, fresh flavours and a serious sense of sophistication.

This deliciously dry Hawke’s Bay habitant might not bring the banter, but its fruity notes will have your heart all a flutter, just like the moon shell moth featured on the bottle.

The unique mix of merlot, pinot noir and arneis achieves grapeness, bringing together aromas of fresh strawberry, tart cranberry and juicy raspberry for a subtle sweetness with juicy acidity.

Fermentation conducted at cooler temperatures ensures a balanced, floral palate, while providing a bit more Kiwi oomph than pared-back products from Provence – perfect for creatures of curiosity who like to pink outside the box.

Stunning alongside seared salmon, charcuterie, and soft cheeses (or stirred with brandy, sugar syrup and citrus fruits for a sensational sangria), you’ll be ready to rosé to the occasion with a bottle of Leftfield in hand!