Steal a Kiss this Daylight Saving

It all started with a kiss… A Stolen Kiss Rosé back in 2006, when winemaker Malcolm Francis-Rees “stole” some Pinot Noir grapes that were destined for Rockburn’s flagship Central Otago Pinot Noir and turned them into one of the country’s first premium Rosé wines.

After a missed 2007 vintage and public outcry about the lack of Stolen Kiss, the cult wine was consistently made every year since, with the 2021 vintage marking its 15th release.

Light, sweet and fruity make Rosé the perfect summer wine. The sweetly frivolous and fruity side of Central Otago Pinot Noir is bound up in this bottle of Stolen Kiss Rosé. Once unleashed into your glass its candy-floss and crème-brûlée aromas sashay into a flirtatious toffee-apple and simmering strawberry palate smeared with cherry lip-gloss.

This year the Central Otago producer teamed-up with the talented local artist Laura Shalcrass who beautifully illustrated the aromas, flavours and origin of their much loved Rosé.

Stolen Kiss Rosé 2021 will be available in selected fine wine stores and restaurants, the Rockburn Stables, and online.