Serana Williams takes a stand

Fashion has the ability to make a powerful statement with little words, and world renown tennis player Serena Williams is refusing to be silent.

The sports star made headlines last year when her game attire was banned at the French Open, cause a stir of controversy regarding women’s bodies, societal pressures and the role of the fashion industry amongst these issues. A year after the scandal, Williams returned to the court and used her apparel to stand up to her bullies.

Williams original outfit was banned as the federation took issue with it. The gear in questions was a form-fitting black Nike catsuit, which Williams wore to prevent blood clotting after the birth of her daughter. The outfit was particularly form-fitting, sparking an explosion of body image discussions and patriarchal control over women’s appearances. Public opinion was that Williams was made an example of and treated differently due to her race and not-petite body image.

With the 2019 French Open kicking off yesterday, Williams made a very public statement regarding her view on the issue. Rather than silently adhering to the tournaments stifling rules, the tennis player wore a statement-making Virgil Abloh designed outfit. The gear was black and white with emblazoned slogans such as champion, goddess and queen across it.

Williams is being hailed as a feminist icon with this new outfit. The star already has a lot of sway in the fashion industry, running her own label, and this move has been the cherry on top of her fashionable journey.

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