Skin Proud’s Latest Is The Perfect Overnight Repair Hero

A world where your mind can rest while your skin gets all the attention it deserves has now been made possible with Skin Proud’s Sleep Hero.

This ‘beauty sleep in a jar’ is formulated with free radical fighting, hydrating raspberry extract, balancing niacinamide and nourishing cranberry seed oil to promote healthy, balanced and bouncy skin.

Sleep Hero is a leave-on night mask that will quench thirsty skin and is ideal for dry and dull complexions to max out moisture.

Trust this overnight repair hero and embrace the joy of waking up to a healthier, well-rested mind and skin as this cream springs into action, working diligently to repair and rejuvenate skin overnight with a blend of skin-loving ingredients.

The Skin Proud Sleep Hero is now available at Farmers at $33.