The Most Beautiful Natural Bathing Experience

Treat your littlies to the most beautiful natural bathing experience with little charlie.

Bath time for the little people in your life just got a whole lot easier thanks to the help of little charlie – a beautiful new natural soap replacement. little charlie kids coconut and oat bath soak uses pure botanicals like oat, coconut and chamomile to nourish the skin while gently cleansing it from head to toe. Specifically designed for newborns to eight year olds this soak is not only intended to replace soap but is also recommended to be left on the skin without being rinsed off to let the goodness soak in.

little charlie is free of any fragrance, toxins and harmful surfactants that are commonly found in baby products and boasts a bounty of antibacterial properties to ensure your little one is squeaky clean without the nasties.

Whether it’s a bathtub, or the kitchen sink, just add 2-3 tablespoons into a lukewarm bath and let them soak in the goodness.

little charlie ensures the littlies in your life enjoy a beneficial bath that naturally hydrates and cleanses while still being gentle enough for their delicate skin.

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