Tonight.. Love Island Beauty Routines Revealed!

Love Island is officially back! *queue jingle*

After a long year of twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next set of islanders to enter the iconic Love Island villa, the eighth season of elite reality TV is finally upon us! Filled with grafting, head turning, bikini bombshells and a whole lot of drama, the picture-perfect singletons have us wondering how they manage to maintain their television-worthy beauty routines.

Far from the midst of outrageous challenges, dramatic re-couplings and many shock dumpings, you can transport yourself to Mallorca from the comfort of your own home with these top tips on how to achieve the radiant Euro glow seen on season 8’s Love Island ladies!

Paige – Not only did the immaculate vibes of the Welsh paramedic and natural beauty turn our heads, but the gorgeous girl’s golden tan had us wanting to know the secret to achieving her radiant glow. Not all of us can lay on a day-bed in the 30-degree Spanish heat talking about our “type on paper”, so let Bondi Sands come to the rescue with the next best thing.

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Indiyah – Serving up heat from the moment she stepped onto our screens, the lush London local not only captured our attention in her striking bikini, but her confident personality and funky flare got everyone talking. We can’t help but be captivated by Indiyah’s fabulous falsies and epic mani.

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TashaThe model, dancer and self-proclaimed “wild child” graces our screens as the show’s first-ever deaf contestant, and a true inspiration to anyone with a cochlear implant. Watching Tasha, we just want to know how she achieves her stunning skin!

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Quite frankly, we’re obsessed with the outrageous challenges, dramatic re-couplings, many shock dumpings and bombshell looks – and we are not mad about it.