Top Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games Picked For You

It’s the holidays and what’s more relaxing than staying at home playing video games with your friends and family? We’ve curated a list of entertaining games you should definitely check out. But be warned, if you’re more on the competitive side, these games might be something you should tread very lightly in…

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

A multiplayer Zelda game?! Sign me up! Hyrule Warriors has a co-op mode allowing two players to explore the game under one console. The gameplay may not be as strong as the other hack and slash games, but their outstanding storyline will get you hooked for sure.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo Switch players should be pretty familiar with Luigi’s Mansion 3, but do you know it is also a multiplayer game? All you need is to obtain Gooigi from Professor E. Gadd in story mode, approximately after an hour of gameplay, then the second player will be able to play as Gooigi side by side with Luigi. There is also the Scarescraper and ScreamPark mode where you can have up to eight players on the same console.


Spiritfarer is an indie management sim and sandbox action game developed and published by Canadian studio Thunder Lotus Games – a very unique 2D game indeed. In co-op mode, player one will automatically play as Stella, the main character and player two as Daffofil, Stella’s cat. The 2020TGA nominated game has a lot of interactions and mini-games, such as farming, mining, fishing and so much more to experience your way across mystical seas.

Untitled Goose Game

Now with a co-op mode, players will play as the naughty geese and ruin the peaceful community life. If you are looking for a stress-release game, Untitled Goose Game is a must-play!


Reminding us of the CatDog cartoon, players will be working together as the two-headed dog through barking, biting and bouncing your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and Play. Connected with a stretchy belly, the game design is super adorable and definitely more fun within the co-op mode.

Juicy Realm

Now available on Nintendo Switch, Juicy Realm is a roguelite game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits all across the world. The monsters are made from fruits and the weapons are quirky like Fireworks Blaster, BB Gun, Hair Dryer, Bazooka and so much more! The oddly cute elements in the game is a plus making the gameplay extremely enjoyable.