The universal accessory to frame your face, glasses have progressively become a more coveted fashion trend for stylish wearers across the globe.The latest range from Specsavers breaks down the 2015 offering into four key trends in both spectacles and sunglasses.

Osiris Ludo_$299_25670509GREY


There’s no denying the hype and popularity 50 Shades of Grey has had this year, so it’s no surprise that grey features heavily in the upcoming range. Truly flexible and appropriate in any occasion, grey frames are an essential to be worn day to night, in any environment.

Aniseed_$299_25670226 Dill_$299_30265226 Carrie_$299_25664300 Borage_$299_30265134

Stepping away from the traditional muted and natural coloured frames, bright blue hues and sultry reds step in to provide a pop of colour and depth to your look. Whether in the legs or in the front of your frames, a statement pair can help escalate the emotion and effect of a trendsetting style feature.

Player_$169_25672091 TH 74_$459_30265349

Segway to the opposite end of the scale, crystal clear frames push new boundaries in modern design, removing solid colour in favour of tinted plastic or completely transparent frames. The ultra sleek and minimal approach to this trend sees the offering of futuristic inspired eyewear move to a fashion context in a fusion of sci-fi and traditional design influences.