Vegan extremism

American musician Moby has taken to social media to debut his new, and extremely large, tattoos.

To celebrate being a vegan for 32 years, Moby had the words ‘animal rights’ tattooed in block letters down both of his arms.

The Porcelain hitmaker received his new ink from tattoo artist Kat Von Dee and since showing the tattoos off has received a raft of responses online.

“Once an idiot, always an idiot” one tweet read.

“Please Acknowledge Moby’s Veganism Before He Gets a Face Tattoo,” another said.

Moby captioned his Instagram photo with an explanation as to why he is a vegan.

“I’m a vegan animal rights activist for many reasons, but ultimately because I believe at the core of my being that every animal has the right to live their own life, according to their own will,” he wrote.