Virtual Escape Room: Play at the comfort of your home

Love challenging escape rooms, but rather solve puzzles at the comfort of your own home? Escapade NZ offers two different virtual escape rooms for you to do just that! But, the question is how does it actually work?

First stop, we have a live video escape room. This is a common game method used among most escape room companies in New Zealand. In this case, Escapade uses Zoom to achieve an escape room game online. The benefit of using Zoom is you are able to play with friends and family in New Zealand or extend it to all over the world! There are two rooms you can currently choose from: The Bach and The Shed.

The Bach is set in a classic Kiwiana bach where something is up and you will need to solve an old mystery with your teammates with a cryptic message and clues given by Gran.

The Shed takes you back to a time of New Zealand’s gold rush. You and your teammates’ goal in this game is to unlock the secret fortune by controlling the game master remotely.

The games are both 60 minutes and you can play with up to 6 people/devices.

If you love problem-solving or an escape room expert, you’d want to check this out, you won’t regret it! It will be a dopamine-inducing virtual experience of their existing game rooms!

Escapade NZ has also developed an exciting app called “ESCAPE@HOME”.

You will need a few items to enjoy the full experience; a smart device that has the ability to download the app, a printer to print out a survival guide and some basic household items like a pen, a pair of scissors and an empty toilet roll (don’t ask us why). A multi-location option is available to purchase if you want to play with friends and family in another bubble. There is currently one theme for this game mode: Forest Adventure.

Okay, lets set the scene.

You’re at a camping site to find hidden treasure. Unfortunately, the map that is guiding you is blown away as a huge storm hits. You and your teammates will need to retrieve the map and find the treasure.

Forest Adventure has a difficulty level that is easy-medium, it is suitable for 10 years and above and an adult will need to be present. The game is around 60-90 minutes for up to 4 people/devices.

Interested? Click here for more information, and don’t forget your magnifying glasses!