Want a face mask that peels like a mandarin?

The frost has come and settled. We are now well and truly feeling the effects of winter. Don’t allow your skin to suffer alongside our frozen toes! Keep your skin firm and fresh by using the NEW Apliclear Purifying Facial Peel by Manuka Doctor. It is designed to purify the skin, while also stimulating collagen production to uncover radiant and younger-looking skin (because it was hiding there all along). What else could you need to keep our favourite organ happy?

The other day I decided to take this product for a spin and yes, I documented it via selfies because why not. Ya feel.11840604_10206398152525141_1431124477_o

I found that for the first time in years I bore no facial expression due to lack of elasticity in the mask and to be frank, I was scared the wind would change. Alas, come 20 minutes I was peeling that shit off like a mandarin. In chunks too! Do you KNOW, how satisfying it was? You will if you try it for yourself.
End result: my face feels silky smooth and gunk free for once. Just don’t forget to moisturise, because that’s pretty damn important.
Also on a side note, if you’re allergic to bees perhaps try avoiding this product.

– Elise Hislop