Who Are NZ’s Top Pet Influencers?

Pet-n-Sur, the largest 100% New Zealand owned and managed specialist pet insurance provider, has unveiled the inaugural 2021 New Zealand Pet Influencers List. The list features the country’s most popular dogs and cats, with a combined following of 165,000 people on Instagram, and thousands of likes and comments between them.

A white dog and cat duo from Christchurch, called Casper and Romeo, have come out on top, with a whopping 68.1k fans.

Owned by professional photographer, Rinsa Li, the fluffy pair have been featured in the Daily Mail, Stuff and People Magazine. They are so famous that they even have their own website where supporters can purchase branded t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags and stickers.

Most of the four-legged stars are infinitely better known than their owners. However, a couple of celebrity-owned pets have made the list as well.

Louie Boult, the Golden Retriever owned by New Zealand international cricketer, Trent Boult, is at number six with more than 6,000 Instagram followers. Radio host, Jay-Jay Feeney’s puppy, Kanye made it onto the list with a couple of thousand fans. John Key’s son, Max, also has an influential dog, Kyro the Pomsky, who padded in at number ten with 1,571 followers.

Tony Radisich, Pet-n-Sur CEO, commented:

“It’s fantastic to see New Zealand pets being celebrated. The content shines a light on the close relationship that many Kiwis have with their dogs and cats. Whether it’s a shot of a much-loved dog meeting a new baby or a feline stretched out in its owner’s lap, there is no shortage of heartwarming stories and imagery. 

“It’s also encouraging to see so many of the owners using the popularity of their pets to promote responsible care, including good nutrition and exercise. With such substantial, engaged audiences, there is an opportunity to lead by example.”

The 2021 New Zealand Pet Influencers List

  1. Casper & Romeo – 68.1k fans. A delightfully fluffy, white dog and cat duo from Christchurch. Media darlings with their own website and merchandise shop, which sends products  worldwide.
  2. Poppy, Simba, Winnie, Phoebe & Taonga – 50.4k fans. five Pomeranians from Auckland. Regularly post sponsored/gifted content and have promoted Zeal and NZ Natural Pet Food in the past.
  3. Higgins – 16.2k fans. British Shorthair. Ambassador for Omega Plus Pet Food and online pet store, pet.co.nz.
  4. Mittens of Wellington – 8,027 fans. Mittens is a cat living in Wellington, known for his travels around the city. Regularly features in media. 
  5. Luka – 6,776 fans. An English Cocker Spaniel from Auckland. Appears in beautifully shot photos, with a clear love for the water, whether it’s chilling in the pool or heading out to the beach.
  6. Louie Bolt – 6,748 followers. Louie is a pure white golden retriever from Mount Maunganui. Owned by New Zealand cricket superstar, Trent Boult.
  7. Miss Louis – 3,085 fans. A French Bulldog from Auckland. Usually dressed in a cute outfit.
  8. Kanye – 2,069 fans. A Sydney Silky pup owned by Jay-Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey.
  9. Teddy – 1,978 fans. A Cavoodle from Wellington.
  10. Kyro – 1,571 fans. A Pomsky (half Pomeranian, half Husky) from Auckland. Owned by John Key’s son, Max Key.