Wild Poppies Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Wild Poppies has thrived in the florist industry for 25 years as a family-run business, being a part of so many New Zealanders’ lives. Formed by a group of passionate women, this household name spreads joy, comfort, and love through the language of flowers. 

Their close-knit team of talented florists have transformed flowers into timeless creations weaving unforgettable moments in countless celebrations, from weddings and anniversaries to graduations and birthdays. While they have celebrated life’s highs, they have also offered support during lows creating condolence arrangements. 

Even in this digital age, the timeless significance of flowers has remained unaltered, with people seeking genuine connections and meaningful experiences. 

The secret to Wild Poppies’ success lies in their unwavering values and willingness to embrace change and innovation. As trends in the floral industry evolve, they adapt gracefully, incorporating fresh ideas and perspectives from new florists. 

Wild Poppies is also committed to eco-friendly practices sourcing their flowers responsibly and working towards minimising waste. As they embrace the future with open arms, their legacy remains an inspiring reminder of floristry in enriching lives.