Concierge+ Angel Delivery’s Real Life Personal Reminder Service

In today’s busy world, it is easy to forget important dates like your parents’ anniversary or your friend’s birthday. While social media and calendar apps notify us on the day itself, Angel Delivery has created a free Concierge+ service to personally assist people in remembering special dates in their lives ahead of time.

The service came about after existing customers asked for something to help remind them of their family and friends’ special days. People who sign up for it will receive a reminder of up to ten special dates through a chosen communication method a week ahead. The company can also help match people with the best personalised gifting options. 

“We wanted to help people take care of this personally and caringly and to offer it completely free of charge,” said Angel Delivery General Manager Grace Kreft. 

“We are happy to offer Concierge+ to people to help promote more caring, whether they choose to send our gifts or not. It’s about taking things back to a more personal level and helping people to be effortlessly organised instead of just another app or calendar nagging you with notifications.”

Established by former paediatric nurse Rebecca Cass, Angel Delivery connects people across NZ with meaningful care and meal packages when people cannot physically be with their loved ones. 

Originally a cleaning and food service that evolved into chilled, fresh food delivery, the company has evolved to include fresh flowers as part of its service before adding Concierge+ as its latest innovation.