Wilderness: The Most Sensational Natural Places on Earth

Wilderness: The Most Sensational Natural Places on Earth is a travel inspiration, lounge chair eye-candy and battle cry, making it a great coffee table book. 

With 40 sensational destinations from diverse habitats on land and sea, Penny Watson’s book demonstrates how to travel consciously and sustainably to these destinations.

Our increasingly urban lives draw us to places like these, from the Mongolian Steppe’s wild grasslands to the Galápagos Islands’ incredible biodiversity. 

Whether you want to armchair travel or pack your bags, the book includes information about conservation and regeneration and opportunities for travellers to tread more lightly. 

While many argue that the best way to preserve these incredible places is by not travelling there at all, many of the communities in these wildernesses rely on tourism for their future.

Complete with stunning photography, Wilderness will take the reader on a wanderlust journey to the world’s most wild and out-there places.