World-Renowned Coffee Roasters Unveils Limited-Edition Collaboration

Allpress x Hario

Beloved Kiwi roastery Allpress Espresso and renowned coffee brewing artisans HARIO launch their limited-edition version of the industry’s most iconic coffee brewer, the Allpress and HARIO V60.

This exciting partnership combines Allpress Espresso’s exceptional coffee expertise with HARIO’s unique skill to create a remarkable coffee brewing experience.

The HARIO V60 has long been labelled a staple in the coffee industry thanks to its distinctive conical shape and raised spiral ridges, which extract extraordinary flavours, making it the preferred coffee brewer among the world’s leading baristas. Bringing together two industry stalwarts, this limited-edition Allpress and HARIO V60 pay tribute to this sought-after design while adding an all-new touch of uniqueness and elegance.

The design inspiration for the Allpress and HARIO V60 comes from two sources, the jade tiles adorning Allpress’ Tokyo roastery, which exude a sense of tranquillity and serenity, and the art of drying coffee cherries at their origin, a practice deeply ingrained in coffee culture.

HARIO’s team of skilled artisans carefully hand-carve the moulds, capturing the essence of these influences before slip-casting each piece to ensure unmatched quality.

Each Allpress and HARIO V60 is proof of the dedication and expertise of both Allpress Espresso and HARIO, offering coffee enthusiasts a brewing tool that celebrates ingenuity, beauty and flavour all in one.

The collaboration promises to elevate the coffee brewing experience to new heights, allowing users to savour the rich and complex flavours for which the HARIO V60 is renowned.

The Allpress and HARIO V60 filters are limited edition. They will be sold exclusively from Allpress roastery cafés and its online store, allowing coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs to own a piece of coffee brewing history.