Celebrate International Doughnut Day

Doughnut Day

Today is International Doughnut Day, a day to celebrate one of the best inventions to have ever come out of the kitchen. There are countless creations of doughnuts, ranging from traditional glazed and sprinkled varieties to luxurious cronuts, jam or custard-filled, or even filled with champagne.

To celebrate, why not treat yourself to a doughnut (or two) from one of the most popular places in Auckland? Here are our top picks for the best doughnuts in town.


Grownup Donuts

For a lush and delicious treat, Grownup Donuts is a one-stop shop for great doughnuts.

Wen and Yen

Check out these crafty flavours, full of pizzaz and scrumptious fillings.

Doe Donuts

These doughnuts are just too good; you won’t be able to resist.

Doughnut Haus

Doughnut Haus is the best place for a sweet treat and offers both traditional and new and exciting flavours.

Mamas Donuts

With a wide range of flavours and toppings, Mama’s Donuts never disappoints.