Your Summer Wardrobe Essentials

SaltySea is a New Zealand brand bringing sustainability into every young woman’s summer wardrobes starting with the essentials, swimwear. Stephanie Saxton first launched the brand because she was passionate about not only fashion but the environment. “By creating SaltySea I knew I could make a positive impact on the world,” explained the designer. “The absolute beauty of nature and our planet inspired me, the collections and the positive environmental impact we can have on our planet.”

Saxton’s inspirations can be felt through her design’s aesthetics, which feature wave-like curves that flatter the wearer’s body, as well as paying homage to the ocean. These designs tie into the brand’s efforts to incorporate sustainable practices into their manufacturing, ensuring nature runs through the entire process. “My goal is to leave behind the smallest possible footprint on our planet and to do so, every step in the process counts,” Saxton insisted. From the 100 percent acid-free soy-based tissue paper used in their packaging, to using sustainable and unexpected materials in her design process, Saxton has been thorough in her sustainability efforts. “We work with Econyl who have invented a new way of converting discarded fishing nets and other waste material found in our oceans into a high-performance fabric,” explained Saxton.

Being environmentally conscious is more than a marketing strategy for this label, it is a core part of their brand’s mission statement. As the brand has grown, it has given Saxton the opportunity to spread her message amongst consumers and other industry players. “If more and more brands and companies can participate, initiate and inspire this change in the fashion industry we can make a real change,” she asserted. “The fashion industry can have such a positive impact on our planet; it can move communities out of poverty, it can help to clean up our planet and our oceans. But this change can only be made if we choose to support brands and companies with respect for people and our planet.”