Special K has revealed the ‘Sunshine Index of New Zealand’, that highlights which cities have seen the sun shining bright and which have been more in the shadows during the past year. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin – while there’s many factors that can affect Vitamin D levels, where you live geographically (and the amount of sunshine you get) is just one of them. Kellogg’s new Special K recipe is the first breakfast cereal range in New Zealand to be fortified with Vitamin D – a nutrient that is integral to the development of strong bones, teeth and muscle function. Data from the Ministry of Health shows one in four New Zealand women are falling below the recommended levels of Vitamin D3. An alternative source in the form of a breakfast cereal could provide a much-needed Vitamin D boost.

Bottom five sunny cities

Palmerston North (1,645 hours)

Invercargill (1,762)

Dunedin (1,824)

Hamilton (1,835)

Greymouth (1,922)


Top five sunny cities

Blenheim (2,582 hours)

New Plymouth (2,503)

Nelson (2,483)

Whakatane (2,473)

Gisborne (2,371)