ACNH: New Update Unlocks New Features With The Sea!

The news was announced today that we will be getting a free update on the 3rd of July with exciting new features… If you are like us and have wondered about the possibilities beyond our island, think no further! After the update, we will be able to freely swim and dive into the ocean. As well as capture different types of sea creatures!

All creatures found can be donated to the museum which enriches the aquarium display area. Don’t skip out on Blathers’s fresh explanations for these as for all of us players by now, pressing “B” is very likely to be an unchangeable habit.

Follow us next as we dive deep into the sea with our new scuba outfit and collecting scallops to trade with another adorable new NPC: Pascal.

This scallop loving otter will swap your scallops for amazing new DIY recipes to the addition of existing sea shell furniture, wallpaper and flooring. Thank you ACNH for making our mermaid dream come true!!

Another new visitor will also appear after the update. Although, we are not so sure about him being a ‘new’ visitor or just someone familiar in disguise. Can you see what we mean?

Last, but not least, it is conclusive that another update will be released in early August, sadly the content of the update is yet to be announced.

We are sure this current update will get you hooked for a months or so! Stay tuned for the next update reveal soon!