Waiheke Herbs produces a delicious range of herbal spreads and salts – artisan condiments for adding natural ingredients, rich flavours and dense nutrients to your home cooking or easy snacks, using fresh, raw and locally sourced herbs and ingredients.

Choose from their award-winning Original Herb Spread with traditional and wild herbs to add flavour to almost any meal, or from their two new Herb Spread flavours – Italian for your pizza, pasta, salads etc, or Asian for your noodles, Thai soups, stir fries. These products keep their rich flavours for months in the fridge so you can always have them ready to whip up a delicious and authentically flavoured meal anytime.
Their smooth creamy Aioli with Herbs is perfect for your hot chips, salads, cold meats or bread – you can taste the superior quality of the organic vegetable oils, apple-cider vinegar and free-range eggs! Further, their range of Herb Salts can add the finishing touch – by adding herbs and organic ingredients as well as organic New Zealand Sea Salt to get the balance of minerals that our bodies need as well as enhancing the flavours.
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