An Olive For Any Season


These delightful morsels look more like raisins than olives, having been cured in salt then preserved in oil. Great for adding a sprinkle to a tagine or any other Northern-African influenced dish, particularly from the south of Spain.


From France, these purple beauties are small and sour, Niçoise olives are great for tapenade or glamming up a raw vegetable salad.


This Italian variety is the quintessential cheeseboard companion, famous for its sweet bite. The olives are large and can either be black or green.


If you were to ask international super spy James Bond what his favourite olives are, he’d more than likely say picholine. Why? Because they’re the classic martini olive, that’s why. It’s the most popular olive variety in France and is also commonly used to make olive oil.


The king of olives. Kalamata are widely available, firm and meaty, and add delicious depth to any dish imaginable. Buy twice as many as the recipe calls for because there will be snacking.