Introducing the Apple Pencil & iPad Pro

Not long until the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil will be released! November is going be a Tech crazy month! The new iPad is thinner, lighter and even more epic. The new duo allows you to be more creative and productive – at a whole new scale. With 5.6 million pixels, iPad Pro features the highest-resolution Retina display of any Apple device. Adding in a variety of built-in apps that make it easy to take on the essentials. Even adding in four new high‑fidelity speakers built directly into it’s uni-body, iPad Pro creates an audio experience as big as its display. The new design produces an engaging sound-stage with three times the acoustic output of iPad Air.

Need more precision when using your new iPad Pro? Apple Pencil has got you covered, from the first moment you use it, it does what you expect. Which makes it easy for the not so tech-savvy. I’m super excited for this product to come in stores, I love to sketch, and being able to draw freely on a screen, shading and all that jazz. This just simply amazes me.
You can charge this baby for 15 seconds, which will give you 30 minutes battery life! Um what!?? Check it out here!